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Here goes our story with Purtier Placenta : Gary came to know about Purtier Placenta through his Father-In-Law Mr David Yeo in 2010.

At that time, David Yeo was taking Purtier 3rd Edition. 8 Ingredients in one capsule. A very nicely done up packaging which we thought it was a beauty product.

Mr David Yeo is a Singapore diabetic patient for more than 29 years. He’s a diabetic type b1 patient who came to know Purtier Placenta in the year of 2008 but he refused to try Purtier until doctor announced that his eyes’s condition was worsen and needed for an major operation in 2010.

David Yeo refused to go for operation as the chances of surviving is not high 50-50, therefore under the encouragement of his wife and his family, he give himself  a chance to try Purtier placenta in Singapore and his result after the 6 months therapy was amazing.

Full Purtier Placenta Testimonial Video of a Diabetic Type B1 Patient David Yeo after taking Purtier Placenta

Gary was happy to see his Father-In-Law David’s improvement however he was still not convinced by Purtier Placenta, the only thought that came to him was that PURTIER placenta maybe just suitable for David or is just “HENG” lucky enough for David only.

To most of the educated Singaporean, people would not believe in deer placenta supplement. As most of the people heard about sheep placenta only.

But as times goes by, he saw David’s health tremendously improved. And many people, friends, family and loves one around David Yeo have benefitted from this product Purtier Placenta.

Honest, Integrity and Value is what David believes in.

This is why David Yeo has earned his recognition from all the customers from all over the world.

Mr David Yeo has also recognised by Singapore Largest Newspaper Straits Times.

Date : 10 August 2015 Monday (SG50 National Day Successful people)


Hi, I am Gary,

I came to help my dad Mr David Yeo at the end of year 2013 right after my contract as a Armour Officer Lieutenant with the Singapore Arm Forces.

Because i see major improvement in his diabetes condition and that is why I want to help my dad to spread the goodness of Purtier Placenta today.

More than 500,000 consumers have benefitted from Purtier Today

But we don’t stop here, we aim to spread to the whole world.

Good things have to share around, isn’t it true?

Purtier Singapore Contact

Super Quality Success Award for Best Deer Placenta Live Cell Therapy – Purtier Placenta Fifth Edition

My Partner and I, Jayden & Gary are the Loyal Member and Purtier Distributors both in Singapore and Globally market for up to 3 years.

Our product Purtier Placenta has come to its Fifth Edition

Purtier Placenta origin is from New Zealand (Zero Pollution Country) with its manufacturer Alpha Lab and exclusively marketed by Riway International Group. Do click at the Purtier Placenta Fifth Edition Introduction video below specially prepare for you.

The Future of Nutrition Starts Here >>>
Jayden & Gary Group is actively advancing the development of Stem Cell Nutrition in Singapore and throughout South East Asia.

Hi, my name is Gary. Ever since the age of thirteen, my ambition is to become a nutritionist and a professional in natural health therapy. Due to my passion for sports and athletic, I became hungry for the knowledge of nutrition and how it can impact people’s lives with different food and health products.

The Turning Point in my life was accepting that what I had experienced was beyond my control at the time – the lost of my dearest aunt (my mom’s elder sister) in 2002.

I started to realise that life can be very fragile and the most important thing in life is good health.

That was the first time I had ever experienced the passing of my closest kin. My mom was the closest to my aunt and she had seen my aunt visit her doctor and took her medication for High Blood Pressure regularly.

In the end, my aunt still suffered from stroke and passed on.

Then suddenly my uncle and grandma passed away 3 months later, my mom was even interviewed by The Straits Times Singapore in 2002 after it all happened.

I was worried to lose my mother next because the sickness might have been genetic. Therefore, I started looking for quality nutritional supplement to support the health of my family. Of course, I would always ask my mom to try but she had consumed many brands which didn’t work.

Time flies, I’m now a father of 2 and it is important for me to keep up with the fast pace and high level of stress in life along with healthy lifestyle so that I can protect the people I love especially my mom, wife and children.

It happened that I came to know PURTIER Placenta through one of my relative’s business partner who then had diabetes and I witnessed the drastic change in his health.

An idea struck me to startup a platform to provide health knowledge and information to people who are really looking to improve their lives.

I hope that we can offer you the best products with effective result because we like honest reviews and people. We are now living in an era where are are lucky to be aware of health problems and seek early treatment with amazing technology.

We can definitely enjoy our time and lead a meaningful live if we all do our part and keep up.

I wish you good health and success ahead, live our life to the fullest together.

Take care of your Health when you still Have it
– This message was from my (Gary’s) late uncle and auntie whom I missed dearly..


We all wanted an opportunity to prove ourselves. Despite having all the money in the world, we witness people who spent their whole life and even Health to gain Wealth and lastly, spending the last of their Wealth to regain back their Health.

Which do you think matters most to you right now? – Lots of Money, Good Health or spend Quality Time with your loved ones.

We hope to provide an opportunity to enterprising individuals with Purtier Placenta (We are Consumers too!) and a genuine platform to achieve success which can improve individuals to become a better person, gain positive life experience and improve quality of life.

From cousins to Polytechnic schoolmates and what’s best?

We insist doing things with integrity and value, the right way with the right platform for all our clients & partners which delineates our determination and passion to transform people’s lives, regardless of age, sex, education background and this is truly a noble mission we hope to achieve.


Estimated within the next 10 years, 80% of the population, from developed countries, will be related to Stem Cell Therapy.

Throughout our webpage, we made the point that various disease processes can rumble along beneath the surface for years. But no matter how well we manage to avoid specific disease entities, the one impairment we are subject to is aging. Aging is simply the process that takes us toward death-and that, you can be assured, is the end for all of us.

However, even if you have developed age spots, wrinkles, thinning hair, and stiff joints.. well, it is never too late to bring back balance. We can restore balance and change our health to delay and even reverse the process of aging. Therefore, it is our vision to empower everyone with the right knowledge of lifestyle and health.

Gary & Jayden’s Group is one of the youngest & most promising leading group in Singapore and internationally – a growing and visionary group, we comprises of results proven leaders and trainers. Live your life and build your career within our dynamic and warm culture. Hone your skills with our training. Discover your true potential with our guidance and partnership.


Our clients & business partners comprises from all over the Word – Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Taiwan, Philippines, Cambodia, Myanmar, China & UK. However, We are not even started – This is just the beginning.

We welcome each and everyone from all over the world to join us to transform the lives of others with us.

In Gary & Jayden’s Group, accomplishing your dreams is more than possible.

It can happen as long as you take the action!


Your life is in your hands.
A world of opportunities awaits.
So take your first step and we hope to meet you at the Top.

“I’m very determined. If I decide what something is worth doing, then I’ll put my heart and soul to it. The whole ground can be against me, but if I know it is right, I’ll do it. That’s the business of a leader.” Lee Kuan Yew


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